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The Neuroradio Publicist:

There is a great lack and demand for reliable, comprehensive material on applied mind control technology and on electronic weapons. The political impact of them has been immense, while the public mass media coverage poor. The Neuroradio Publicist as part of the World Wide Web Against Mind Control focuses on mind-control phenomena and on 'pre-ground-work' for politologic, social scientific and communication scientific research. Also on location reporter witnessed neurotelecontrol events are covered with interviews of people under neurotelecontrol.

What is the future we seek, who are the guardians of the safety in society, if not the citizens themselves? How do we cope with the misuse of neurotechnology and electronic weapons?


Neuroradio Publicist News, Helsinki, Finland 7.3.1998/AMC/PT

T O P _S T O R Y:

Radiologists refuse to diagnose the wide-spread neuroradioimplant

"We would diagnose the neuroradioimplant if there was one. There is not anything there. We call it 'normal finding'", says Dr. Risto J Ilmoniemi.

Still no relief to the pain and misery of neuroradio-oppressed people: the neurologists refuse to diagnose the neuroradio. We interviewed Dr. Risto J Ilmoniemi of BioMag/Finnish University Central Hospital.

F O L L O W - U P:

The neuroteleanarchy is constant in Helsinki - travellers should watch-out!

The streets of Helsinki are constantly in the thick athmosphere of neurotelecontrol.

The stunn, mixture of random motoric and cognitive components in the neurotelecasting signals create a distinct athmosphere of electromagnetic soup of psychological warfare. Religous 'necromancer' controllers make their way in the city center and their neurotelepresence of behavioral modification adds up to the moods and wonders of citizens.

N E W S _ I N _ D E P T H:

Criminal neuroradioimplants in brains of members of Parliament of Finland

Series of failed neurotelecontroloperations result in anarchy and cause disturbance to the work of the members of Parliament of Finland, 7.1.1998.

Some members of Parliament of Finland were revealed as carriers of criminal neuroradioimplants. The chaos of neuroteleanarchy that broke out as a result of both, series of neurotelecontroloperations (disinformation neurotelecasting), and anti-neurotelecontrol-resistance, implied some of the members of parliament as carriers of neuroradioimplant more than distinctly.

The neurotelecast transmission spread inthrough the electrically unprotected walls of Parliament House of Finland supposedly guided by the resistance. The members of parliament were heard giving unclear and irrational statements, also noticeable forced movements were observed.

Names of the members of parliament reveiled carrying a neuroradiochip in brain were not given out to public, but some of the members of parliament admitted themselves carrying a neuroradioimplant.

The comments on disturbance and other neurotelecontrolphenomena (such as perceiving 'controllers voices') suggest that most of the members of Parliament of Finland carry a neuroradioimplant.

Neuroradioimplants are assumed to have been implanted by organized crime. Also violent forms of neurotelecensorship obstructing conversation and criticism of neurotelecontrol occurs: caused accidents, suicides, threats and stunning of people.

An anonymous policeman stated (7.1.1998) the "neuroradiosystem and implants have already become a reality and a factor in everyday policework". He had however no knowledge of who had implanted the neuroradios. They explained it belonging to "internal state security matters". The view was not however shared in the minds of the citizens interviewed having experiences of neurotelecontrol.

A civil crime report made to police on neuroradioimplant 'gave no reason for further investigations', informed us a citizen that had reported the implanting of the neuroradio in brain as a 'violent assault'. He presented us the document of police statement their not continuing the investigations. He also witnessed the behavior of police officials clearly affected by neurotelecontrol, also while he was reporting the implanting to them. He describes the effect as both distinctly synchronous, small, forced movements of the policemen and as synchronous resitation-like disturbance in speech, which reflected the content perceived himself as neuroradiosignalinduced. The Minister of Social Affairs and Health (Sosiaali- ja terveysministeri) Mrs. Sinikka Monkare did not reply to questions when asked about neuroradiochipimplants and diagnosing of them - most of the MRI-radiologists responsible for diagnosing of brain damage etc. still refuse to diagnose the neuroradiochipimplant.

N E W S _ B R I E F:

Neuroteleanarchy attack To Bank: Merita-Bank Aleksanterinkatu attacked by a neurotelecontroller

Merita-Bank Aleksanterinkatu was attacked by a neurotelecontroller anarchist who focused on both the personnel and the clients. The attact took place on 2.3.1998 09.30.

"Brainradio is criminal" - were heard the clerk shout right after the signal absorbed into her brain. A conciderable nausea was induced and she felt ill for a few minutes unable to serve the customers.

N E W S _ B R I E F:

A shouter never ceases - fascist 'necromancer' is an enemy of the health of mind

7.3.1998, Helsinki, PT

Thousands of furious young men are frequently heard shouting synchronously for long periods time in Helsinki, Finland. The synchronicity is due to the neurotelecasting mimicing net of neurotelecontrollers in acts of creating influence - power. They seek the dominance over the public opionion and they have ruthlessly and in a grotesque manner enslavered thousands of young men shouting their cause. Even Against Mind Control have penetrated the net and inserted their content in-stream in purpose of protecting the interests of shouters and in purpose of fighting against the fascist movement of the neurotelecontrollers referring the senior neurotelecontrollers as 'cap-gods' (cap, capitation: neuroradio implanted in brain).

The young men shout their lungs out - it seems very real and terrifying goal of a sadistic necromancer. Streams of cognition is gathered from random sources and then delivered till a local necromancer (religious neurotelecontroller) guides the content direct to brain of group of shouters kept under suppression in a state of loss of self-control: never ceasingly, excessively, they shout any comment the source may come to think. The responsibility for the treatment is thus both the collapsed self-control (counterwill) of the shouter and the maldiction of neurotelecontroller. The fascist neurotelecontrollers in act of 'terminating' people is often in concept of 'great plan' of mind controlled world domination of 'syndicate'.

The fascist necromancers have no concept of human rights and abuse their targets in a brutal and violent manner while in police force and among the cultures of neurotelecontrollers there are few who are active in preventing the 'terminations by pain, stunn and making shout'.

Interview of a victim of anarchic neurotelecontrol

The following is an interview of a victim of anarchic neurotelecontroller describing the experience of mental disorders induced by the neuroradioimplant and the controller.

Question: "How did you decide your symptoms were of neuroradio-neurotelecontrol?"

Answer: "I heard a voice in the middle of my head of an unknown man giving me instructions on how to act... ...I realized I don't have that kind of internal voice naturally... ...so I thought there is radio in my head... ...then his tone and presence changed... ...and the voice and the effect of the radio became more perceivable... ...I think his intention was to talk directly into the stream of consciousness and to cause subliminal influence for there were emotions that were evoked by his words. Later on I found out there are neurotechnological applications such as Psychotronics that are used for mindcontrol and altering psyche."

Q: "What did he tell you to do?"

A: "He told me something difficult to understand about his being a 'security police' and that I was to stand in front of a door and wait for someone to come out. A young man came out of the front door to street, the man talking into my head told me to beat him up... ...but I refused and I tried to ask why. I did not believe what he told me." "Then I remember suffering pain in my chest and my tremble kind of feel in my chest muscles but it ceased suddenly. I managed to not obey the directions that were inserted into the stream of my thoughts. It was frightening in way that I was losing my self-control to what I experienced to be an external 'force' directed to my stream of thought. I concider it being hypnosis of some sort. It was very frightening. What about state officials? If they are telehypnotized with neuroradio, no-one can guarantee the untouchability of them and their decisions."

Q: "In your opinion, how should the problem of neuroradioimplants be dealt with?

A: "The officials should give out public information on neuroradio and other electronic weapons. They should inform the public of what they are doing against the neuroradiocrime and how the control of electronic weapons is organized. At present the situation is dangerous. They should act rapidly and decively against those using neurotechnology for criminal purposes. The state officials should not surrender under any pressuring or blackmailing. Neurotelecontrol is criminal by constitution, they have no excuses of not acting against it. Claims about neurotelecontrol being for security reasons is nonsense. Nor is it just - to my own personal experience they exploit you with no concept of law or code of moral. The neuroteleanarchy victims have no privacy, the corrupted controllers have no respect for home, sanity or health. They are in the business of making people slaves by altering their psyche electronically and humiliating them. They sell people. They sell women. They are criminals in crimes against mankind."

The neuroradiosystem has become known to the citizens of Helsinki during 1996-1998 as the use of it spreaded and was extended, neuroteleanarchy and exploitation of stunned victims occurs frequently. Connections to cases of persons missing are anticipated, while no estimate of the number of victims cannot be made. Cases of victims being tortured to suicide with directed transmission of pain and inducing distributing psychic disorders occur.

Provoking victims to violence with neurotelecontrol also occurs. Frequent shouting of anti-neuroradiochip profreedom-of-thought-activists and demonstrations is constant. Many types of disturbance transmitted via neuroradio is prominent in the athmosphere of Helsinki,

Helsinki, Finland, 18.01.1998.

On neuroradio censorship

The censorship has not been very covering, the limited number of clashes related to the publicising and discussing the system have not prevented discussions on the subject.

Those having good understanding of the neurotelecontrol are often controlled to become corrupted, and they are offered positions and neurotelecontroltasks with benefits of services provided by the Mind Control Organization via local neuroradiomafia connections. Some of the cases of corruption are surprisingly irrational and 'easy to avoid with common sense' (not fully available for a victim under neurotelecontrol). Stunning and threatening are also commonly used in maintaining neurotelecensorship.

The problem is wide-spread. Technoreligions and addictions to emotional pleasure inducing (e.g. sexual pleasure combined with exploitation) are often related to the force-selling of the criminal neuroradio and related lifestyles.

In some cases the addicts have became schizophrenic and megalomanic as their view of rational life becomes non-rewarding. They maintain the self-esteem of their fracturing psyche artificially up with mantras evoking 'container nexus'-shared inducing of feelings and are neurotic and easily irritated. Shared experience including strict forms of social control combined with neurotelecontrol, neurotelecommunication, mindsynchrophenomena and neurosis of diverse type occur.

Supression is one of the characteristic forms of mind-control power-use along with emotional 'enchantment'. Series of extensive sociological and psychological studies and gallups on neurotelecontrol, neurotelecommunication and the effects of neuroradioimplants are essential in maintaining state intelligence resources of information warfare and psychological warfare on the level of challenges neurotelecasting presents and potentially presents. Strict state control and ban of possession of electronic weapons is the only solid base to build on for the next century. Also protecting offices electronically (faradays cage, microwave-isolating glassing) from radiowaves must have a very high priority. The insuring of keeping the MRI-equipment of the medical services uninfested is essential along with the surveillance of the medical personnel not having neuroradioimplants: paralyzed diagnosis of neuroradioimplants will eventually lead to situation of private spionage equipment spread into every brain of personnel, on every level. Ensuring and advertising the uncorrupted diagnosing of neuroradioimplants is the only way to insure the resistance of personnel against neuroradioimplants. Even when the neuroradioimplants have spreaded into the hierarchy the re-establishing of uncorrupt medical survives will still be a feasible policy initiating a long, painful but successful recovery of the state intelligence services.

Communicating the issues of electronic weapons to public will secure the genuinely democratic base of the system of state otherwise vulnerable to major corruption induced by neurotechnological means. Not an impossible mission.


Against Mind Control Mailing Progressions

And we mailed the authorities. Here are the responses. Also, you are encouraged to let us know of your efforts of contacting officials. (under construction)


The realization of neuroradiogallup

The plan for collecting the anti-neuroradio address to government and home-mailing of the quality of experience questionaire. (under construction)


The challenges of coordinating action under the neurotelecontrol against the neurotelecontrol - disobeying the the neurotelecontroller and standing the weather of stunn and disturbance

You cannot do everything you are told - can you. (under construction)

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