The purposive-rationality of neurotelecontrol

The (fake) security threats as means of gaining ntc-resources

The 'set-ups' maintain the fake images and illusions of groups and persons being involved in conspiracy/conspiracies involving violent methods. There are incidents of induced violent actions where the ntc methods of behavioral modification result in victims on both sides: the attacker is controlled and psywar- disinfoed to attack target selected by the set-up-controller. The set-up controllers goal is 1) to localize the ntc-resource allocating authors or authors access to the channels of allocating ntc-resources, 2) gain ntc resources by maintaining selected type threatening activity by means of previously obtained ntc resources.
To a great extent there is activity that is not endogenicly (see note 1. on ntc-bm effect) prone to causing disturbance nor violent activity, but is against the previous, based on ntc-psywar and ntc-disinfo and presented as a target of behavioral modification requiring allocation of ntc-resources.

The activity that is endogenicly prone to violent assaults, cases which receive allocation for genuine and rational reasons.

In these cases it is however common that purposive-rational practices of ntc-behavioral modification is not followed: the target is often provoked, the psychological effect of rational guiding is lost, the trust to ntc-authority is lost and the real- outcome of the neurotelecontrol is reduced. Excessive use of energy- levels are used (see note 2. on energy level effect and outcome in ntc-behavioral modification). In some cases the type of inproficiency in ntc-behavioral modification de facto increases the possiblity of violent assaults and increase the possiblity of the attacker choosing the victim among the known authorities of ntc or upper class in general.

The ntc-behavioral modification resources allocation policies should include:

1) well protected follow-ups of the
a) target endogenic psychological quality
b) practices employed in ntc-behavioral modification
c) reliable physical real-outcome reporting of ntc-bm activities

2) proper and secure practices of disassembling and confescating of the ntc-equipment back to the allocator in cases of
a) inproficient ntc-bm
b) allocation of ntc-resource to a target of minor threat
c) unfeasible environment for ntc-bm-project
d) misdirected use of ntc-bm
e) corrupted reporting of ntc-bm activity

3) informing the ntc-resource employing personel of the policies, goals and practices of ntc-bm to the extent of unclear interpretations made impossible and thus legitimately liable to sanctioning (see note 3. on ntc-sanctioning)

note 1. on ntc-bm effect
psyche-instream transmitting of thoughts and instructions is often employed in manner making it impossible or very intellectually demanding to make out distinction between the endogenicly produced fragments of stream of thought, often expression of 'not accepting the content' ('delta') of target is required and still inadequate for precise reasoning of the exo-endogenic classification of cognitive phenomena for main reasons of
a) target presently under projections of other controllers in attempt to maintain the illusion of content for their policies
b) stream subliminal leftovers of previous ntc-bm attempts and directions in process of becoming unselected and unused by the psyche of the target
c) target psyche-image being combed (e.g. off-combing of experienced pain, pressure, emotional disturbances), the image of psyche is thus incomplete, in-montage, the content often streched off the natural use of the structure of experience (e.g. experience of enjoying beer describing a character as a whole even if the struct of experience is limited to the emotion of the moment ('sampled') and artificially continued in form of stasis)

note 2. on energy level effect and outcome in ntc-behavioral modification
1) Higher-energy level produces clearer 'delta'/experience of being target behavioral modification and thus greater counterwill to the extent of existential pain and related traumas; as a result the target is desocialized to ntc-bm, the trust of neurotelecontrol is lost alltogether and experience is frightening.
2) Higher-energy level also cause energy guidance reactions employed by anarchists (also provoking to over-use of energy occurs for purpose of pre-organized guiding and extended anarchic neurotelecast of cognitive phenomena)

note 3. on ntc-sanctioning
1) The successful effect of sanction in ntc is due to well-formed, well-presented and well-maintained causality between unwanted (cognitive)behavior and the unwanted experience resulting from it. Minimal induction of pain combined with experience of otherwise well-being is more efficient than hard induction of pain in unclear and/or confusing state. The projection of causality of sanction is often most efficient and adequate as such with no pain induced.
2) The effect of regaining the state of consciousness after behavioral modification on 'delta'-knowledge reduces the experience of causality of sanction and is avoidable only by means of following practices of proficient low-energy ntc-bm
3) The effect of neurotelecasted censorship supporting cognitive components reduces the experience of causality of sanction and is unavoidable

Focus-play is a result of high-energy levels. Pre-organized guiding of ntc-energy results in content of random social objects of cognition as combing-effects make it impossible for the individual to process the incomprehensible content and form of random psychic phenomena ill-preselected, but intense in energy, also often containing 'you receive this', 'you make non-sense of this and transmit' hypno-clauses as components. Anarchic motoric contents are often included instream along with behavioral experience of random sort. Set-up content instream-neurotelecasting of 'publicizing' a character psy-disinfo also occurs.
The guiding results from succesful avoiding efforts of ntc-soc -netted people. Reducing energy level in order not to allocate energy to ntc-anarchists is the only way solving the 'mass-control-anarchy' based on means of arbitrarily add-libbing instream-guide-neurotelecasted content of poor quality. This type of distributing of 'power' carries techno-religous attitudes and neurosis of innumerous type.

Presentation of ntc-harrasment as part of 'great plan' social control occurs in forms of ntc-bm induced 'mistakes' of target and poor reasoning of target. (In-struct claim for target observing neurotelecontroller: 'not-eligible', 'not-eligible due to political reasons', 'target is victim for being victimized', 'target is victim for his nature').
'Mind-twist' is a practice of ntc-bm-harrasment: suppression and combing limit the space of reasoning of victim and psy-disinfo is simultaneously projected and guided instream of thought resulting in poor and invalid reasoning.
Semantic 'interlingua' stream ntc-bm is unfeasible, error-prone, useless and thus anarchic in every aspect.
Containers (struct-triggering of 'voluntary' persons memory) are used in purpose of enabling the ntc-bm in practice and are easily corrupted and produce irrational situations. Correcting the inproficient ntc-behamod in purpose of neurotele- censorship and creating illusions of legitimacy of ntc is often the most time consuming activity of ntc-nexus-maintaining and/or supporting neurotelecontroller.

ntc-nexus typology by roles:

ntc-nexus methodology:
- rapid
- stream-guide-based on forced feedback

- flood-struct projected/inserted on delta-recovery
- flood-struct ('you receive' - as natural form clause)
- flood-struct as part of forced feedback

The exploitation motivates the neurotelecontroller

The religous fundamentalism of neurotelecontrol

Neurotelecontrol fundamentalism: metaconflicting experienced repulsive: the paradigm structures projected as communicative instruments of setting the decicisions of target, as communicating and declaring self, positions and policies, the forming of paradigm as means of communication (under circumstances of total-perception of cognition and mind) social control and politics.
Subject (personality, person) borrowed: the paradigms of subject borrowed and emotional colour of subject borrowed. Subject borrowing as means of politics: who thought this?
'I thought this using his/her paradigms and emotional colour'
'The thought I thought was born innate in his mind'
'The thought is mine by the choices of content, his by the
prechoices of the paradigms and form created by him.'
'The content is mine, the policy is mine; he is left with coping with the outcomes of them, with the constraints of reality.'
'Neurotelecontroller in his own metaconflicting content'
'The controller subject as 'winner' on content biased up in the social net, self-referential content of needs' 'Instrumental - need.'
'Dionysian - Instrumental', hedonism, corrupted 'Content of policy won: the subject exploited'

The neurotelecommunication and illumination optimism: 'the shortening of paths to understanding as validity'
'the illumination of enhanced amount and quality of communication: the ntc-optimism, the legitimacy of neurotelecontrol',
'common man in the process of reaching illumination'
'structural violence obstructing the reaching of understaning of world; the strategic communication as a form of violence'
'the strategic of the reproduction of meaning'

The posing of situation of inter(sub)cultural interpretation (where the interparadigms play a major role), taken the interpersonal communication as whole, presents the human mind incomprehensible by the terms of interpretation, but not by the terms of involvement.
Interacting in orientation of reaching situation of interpretation, reaching situation opening possibilities and means of reaching understanding of the social content of the situations subjects of interpretion. The forms of human mind and culture, the forms of interaction made communicable, universally?
The role of neurotelecontrol in making interaction and reproduction of meaning understandable and communicable?
The devastating effect of neurotelecommunicated omissions of (sub)cultural situation in the quasi-paradigms of interpretation, teleological actions employed are the schizoid taboos of the neurotelecontrol-religions.
The quasi-paradigms of (sub)cultural situation omission presented as taboos protecting the instrumentalizing of view of human as an object, legitimating and legitimated by the exploitation. The intersemiotic transaction processes of transferring the guilt, the syn, outbursts of contrafinalites suffocating rationality, the horror of unavoidable id-targeted mind twisting disoriention: neurotelecontrol. Now you see it - now you don't: it is hidden in your religous dullness.

We call 'meaning'a situation of
conscious object in orientation driven action towards survival orientation-map (world-view)
the process of orientation is constrained by goals of survival
the survival of human soul against the constraints
of flesh and matter the surviving soul seeding the spirit of human
the spirit of human over the flesh by the trust in the holy
the holy of the human spirit: the human soul over the flesh the search of the meaning and content
'we claim each other to be alive'
'we invite each other to be alive'
'the spiritual survival invites us'
'we invite each other to the spiritual survival'
'we don't question the existence of the spiritual survival'
'the invitation of spiritual survival is the meaning' 'the distance to spiritual life, the distance to the reality of spiritual: the orientation'
'the human man Prometheus took himself by taking himself the reality of spiritual' ('stole the fire from the gods')
'the reality of spiritual is in orientation towards which we produce the process meaning'
'we orientate towards the reality of spiritual by producing meaning, the references to structures of orientation processes'

'I took the liberty to the neurotelecontrol.'
'I stole the fire from the neurotelegods.'
'I am oriented towards reaching understanding.'
'The ignorance ties man to the mountain of matter, the falcon of conceptual power eats his liver and he cannot liberate himself before Prometheus come and liberate him.'
(pertaining to the neurotelecontrol socialized out-coding of greek mythology)

The theme of situation of 'stolen fire'.

Communicating spiritual survival

The situation of communicating spiritual survival
The situation of knowledge competition (information warfare) on the concepts of spiritual survival

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